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"Community is recognizing similarities between yourselves, and leaning into those as the core of your relationship. It is also recognizing your inherent codependency and working with that truth to improve your mutual quality of life."Jamiah Elijah Hargins, Founder of West Adams Crop Swap


Crop Swap

Beginning October 2018, gardeners across Los Angeles started bringing extra veggies, fruits, herbs, and valuable homemade items to trade whatever they wish. In the first year, gardeners gathered in Jamiah's backyard, and now they meet at the West Adams Farmers Market. 

Building Gardens

We professionally build and maintain new and existing garden beds, rooftop gardens and edible landscapes. Each design includes automatic irrigation, nutrient-grown plant seedlings, and optional ongoing maintenance to ensure top plant efficiency, harvesting, and health. Community experts  customize beautiful and functional spaces that will over-productive so you can contribute to the Crop Swap if you wish.


Ready for your own urban garden? Click here to learn more.

Citizen Reentry

Sustainable Jobs for Reentry CitizensWe train and hire recently incarcerated citizens, veterans, and the homeless to professionally build and maintain highly productive food growing systems.Our anti-recidivism team, led by Tobias Tubbs (spokesperson and lead reentry gardener for Insights Gardens) is developing a comprehensive urban farmer certification program to provide our workers with a respectable wage. We aim to provide a healthy, rehabilitative context for their re-entry, while offering nurturing and meaningful role within society, offering rehabilitation and a calm, safe space for returning citizens.

West Adams

Farmers Market

We are opening the West Adams Farmers’ Market on December 1st, 2019 at the FAME Renaissance Center at the corner of Western and Adams Blvd. This initiative is a collaborative partnership between the First AME Church, the South Los Angeles Community Development & Empowerment Corporation, and our team at West Adams Crop Swap.


Learn more at www.westadamsfarmersmarket.com