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Whether you're a master gardener or have never been successful at growing, West Adams Crop Swap can help you build productive growing spaces using organic farming techniques and over 30+ years of landscaping and gardening experience. Schedule an appointment with our team today!

Our Services


Do you have a space to farm? Residential yards, commercial rooftops, or empty lots are all spaces to cultivate food. We have decades of experience, and will design it with your community's needs in mind, whether a family, church, or other. 

Automated irrigation, nutrient-grown seedlings, all-organic food-safe materials. Gardens also come with

Includes materials, labor, and 1 Free month of weekly maintenance to ensure a strong start. New gardens owners are encouraged to join the Crop Swap community!

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Existing gardens need love too! Contract us to revive a garden space you already have, get it growing again, and maintaining it over time. This is ideal for schools, retirement communities, and non-profits.

You will be visited by a friendly Urban Gardener, a reentry citizen trained in a comprehensive urban farmer certification program. We aim to provide Urban Gardeners with a respectable wage, career trajectory, and rehabilitative context for their re-entry, as they also take on a nurturing role within society. 

Sign up below for weekly visits at $135/mo, or annually for a 25% discount.


We are meeting the people where they are: Restaurants, caterers, food trucks, and our very own West Adams Farmer's Market.


Malnutrition and rising food costs in the city of Los Angeles are a real threat, and opportunity. Our excess locally-grown fruits and veggies will be crucial to meeting its citizens' needs.

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