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Gardener, organizer, and founder of the West Adams Crop Swap. With a background in trading stocks and executive headhunting, he knows how to find the best people to do amazing things. He first began gardening during college with Xochiquetzal Peace Garden in Chicago, working with new families that gravitated to the garden. He then moved to Brazil to manage a social enterprise supporting orphaned youth. He recently invented ToiletTrees®, a patent pending product that grows plants using the clean water in your toilet tank. A University of Chicago and Columbia University graduate, member of the African American Board Leadership Institute, and Partner at the BREAUX Capital (financial technology for Black Millenials), he fully accepts his place as a leader in creating the infrastructure for prosperity. Personally, he practices Taoist teachings, is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, and frequently practices these methods with his beautiful wife and two year-old daughter.  

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Jamiah Hargins


A longtime resident of the West Adams district of Los Angeles, Jelani started his career as a musical academy graduate and a jazz, hip hop musician. He joined the U.S. Army and served 3 years at Fort Lewis in Tacoma, WA. Over the past 20 years, Jelani has earned a HVAC certification, while also mastering various handyman skill sets including plumbing, electrical, photovoltaic systems, gardening and urban farming.  Additionally, he is the creator of various homemade products including fruit oil extracts, soaps, fruit preservatives, wine, and dehydrated foods.


Jelani Thomas


Samantha handles the WACS Social Media from Buenos Aires, Argentina. A professional filmmaker/video editor/DJ she recently began working in social media. Originally from New York, she has lived in London, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro and currently resides in Buenos Aires. She takes a break from computer screens by working in her rooftop container garden where she grows strawberries, kale, broccoli,, Swiss chard and even an occasional acorn squash; not bad for containers. She is passionate about healthy eating and proudly shows up at Argentine asados with vegan chorizos.

Social Media Strategist

Samantha Marie

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